Start your day with a divine experience

Bring spirituality in your life & home

Connect with your inner consciousness

Experience the most soothing calm, with the purest incense sticks. Regale the self and the world with the oriental fragrances of saffron & sandal with the purest incense sticks.

Benefits of Incense

Bring Spirituality In Your Life & Home

Increase calm and focus

Essential oils of plants have been shown to improve mental cognition, clarity, and focus.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Some herbs or oils are specifically known for their ability to ease anxiety and curb stress.

Aid sleep

Burning incense with lavender essential oil as you’re getting ready for bed may help you drift off to sleep faster.

Complement a yoga or meditation practice

Incense has a reputation for being associated with yoga and meditation.

Stimulate creativity

Burning incense can help boost creativity and flow state by clearing and stimulating the mind.

Purify your space

Buddhist monks have been using incense to purify their atmosphere for thousands of years.

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China Town (Jumbo Zipper)


Fancy 3 in 1 (Jumbo Zipper)


Kanha (Jumbo Zipper)


Karma (Jumbo Zipper)


Pajero Wet Dhoop (Zipper Pack)


Kesar Chandan Wet Dhoop (Zipper Pack)


Pavitra Loban Wet Dhoop (Zipper Pack)


Gold Sandal Dry Dhoop (Premium Box)


Natural Bouquet (Regular Zipper)


Spray Collection (Regular Zipper)


Royal Collection (Regular Zipper)


Fruit Punch (Regular Zipper)


Pajero (Premium Box)


White House (Premium Box)


Kanha (Premium Box)


Jordar (Premium Box)

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About Us

Utsav Fragrances is an Indian-owned company spreading qualitative aroma all around the world since 2009. We manufacture the most distinct and soothing fragrances, premium Incense Sticks, and Dhoop Sticks. In order to provide you with the most pleasant experience, each ingredient we use in our incense sticks is naturally sourced.

Introducing incense fragrances is an epic analogy of class and perfection. This reputation has been achieved through our decades of hard work and commitment to the business ethics of Utsav Fragrances.

Utsav Fragrances' mission is to ensure you enjoy the alluring natural scents Mother Nature bestows upon us through burning incense made with natural essential oils and fragrances. In our collection, we have produced a wide range of incense products that enthrall with an enchanting range of fragrances by creating a spellbinding breeze and carrying an alluring magical scent.

Top selling products

Experience an Ambience of Peace and Tranquility

Bagicha 4 in 1 (Jumbo Zipper)


Variety 3 in 1 (Jumbo Zipper)

Royal Collection 6 in 1 (Premium Box)

Royal Collection 6 in 1 (Premium Box)


Fruit Punch 5 in 1 (Jumbo Zipper)

Our Vision

Our dedication depends on you. Our Vision Utsav fragrances has been one of the highest manufacturers of incense sticks in the entire nation. therefore Utsav fragrances look forward to spreading it’s fragrance overseas by being a well-known global brand. Our Mission You must have smelled and enjoyed the fragrances of the incense stick

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