Fruit Punch, a combination of fruits in syrup with different flavors and colors, is often served to the divine as an act of gratitude for all things bright and beautiful. Fruit Punch scent, sweet and juicy—with a fruity overtone. This incense is available in both Fruit Punch Incense stick as well as Dry Shoop Stick form.

Fruit Punch Premium Incense Sticks

Utsav Fruit Punch incense stick; is a heavenly blend of natural fruits that give off not just an amazing scent, but a gorgeous aura as well. Enjoy the intoxicating burst of fresh, enticing fruits that leave you feeling happy and content. This unique product does not contain any toxic ingredients, and it is petrochemically free.

Fruit Punch Premium Dhoop Sticks

Utsav Fragrances' Fruit Punch Dry Dhoop Stick reduces daily stress and invokes soothing energy, which softens strong emotions and energizes the chakras—all while enhancing the flow of energy throughout your body. Our Dhoop Sticks are 100% chemical-free, eco-friendly, pollution free, made from desi cow dung & ghee, natural fragrance, divine herbs, and safe for everyone.